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The consult in St. Louis

I knew I had I some nasal issues as well, including deviated septum and large turbinates. I had decided that if I was going to do the jaw surgery, I would do nasal surgery as well. Working with Dr. Movahed’s team, they noted that I could do a joint surgery with ENT Dr. James Hartman, so I scheduled my consult to be on the same day.

Being a busy man I chose to cram the consults into a single wildly tight day:

  • MRI requested by Movahed’s office at a specific lab in St. Louis
  • Dr. Hartman, ENT
  • Dr. Movahed, OMS

The MRI was not my favorite. Imagine: when you lie down flat you can’t breathe. And on top of that you have a plate that feels like an inch or so away from your face that is so huge your whole upper body is in a super tight position. Yeah. Well eventually that got done. You never know if you’re really claustrophobic until you do an MRI.

After that was Dr. Hartman. I really liked him from the start. Highly knowledgeable and quickly used tools to show how my nose should feel. Straightforward diagnosis as far as he was concerned. In the end we agreed on deviated septum correction and turbinate reduction.

Next, was Dr. Movahed. This is a guy who, in spite of being incredible at his job, comes across as humble and down to earth. At the same time, he’s a complete and passionate nerd when it comes to MMA surgery. The sheer pleasure he takes in the technical challenge and the art of it, as well as the life changing improvement it can make is apparent. He even has had the surgery done on himself for his own airway issues so he is intimately familiar with the process and recovery as a patient.

We did a CBCT scan in his office and he immediately said, “You need MMA surgery but you probably know that since you’re here.” We talked about my case and he was just plain excited about the challenge of it. In my case my jaw was so far back that he said we had a difficult choice to make. He asked me if I be OK losing a tooth on either side to allow him to pull the airway open more? He showed me a previous case and how much he was able to open their tiny airway with the extra distance of one tooth on each side. I immediately agreed. As long as I could eat, losing two teeth was no big deal.

Additionally, since my jaw slipped the joint completely already, I would need new jaw joints that they custom fabricate.

I left his office fully satisfied with the rest of my minute questions and I scheduled a surgery date for the summer right then and there. Now it was time to prepare and wait…


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