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The final road to surgery – what I would plan differently

The last month before the surgery were filled with lots of logistical prep: delegating my out of office at work, figuring out what to do with kids, and taking care of chores that I couldn’t do after surgery.

There were definitely twists and turns. A last minute thyroid score issue caused me to rush to find an endocrinologist. This is where Dr. Dyron Jue comes in. An absolute great guy to work with. He saw my concerns and worked quickly to diagnose and bring down my hyperthyroid scores to proper range ahead of surgery. At times I didn’t know what to expect – whether I would have to push out surgery or not, but he did a great job working through the medications and determining the blood draw days until we had a successful outcome in time for surgery. A key lesson learned here: follow up on any bloodwork you take during the last month with rigor. Make sure you’re all set earlier than later. If you draw blood, demand the results as soon as you can to really know if you have any issues.

Another big thing I learned: If you were thinking like me that you could get part-time loved one support that first week after surgery or so you would be wrong. You need to find someone to stay with you after the surgery for the whole duration of your recovery. My wife and I initially had planned to go to STL to get the surgery done first, then have kids come second her doing a round trip pickup loop while I stayed in the hospital. Nope! We ended up getting strong recommendations from Dr. Movahed himself against her leaving for any reason. But my wife became logistical champ to work out any kinks: signing up kids for camps, enlisting relatives to help, rebooking flights and rental cars, etc. I definitely ended up needing more help than I had initially thought.

Another thing, I realize in the day of robocalls this is inconvenient, but keep answering your phone. There were a lot of last minute random items!! It’s a little interesting logistically and you have to keep all parties moving. The Mercy Hospital St. Louis Surgery Center owns the facility and drives the anesthesiologists, and… supporting staff too? Dr. Movahed would have his staff and Dr. Hartman had his. Keeping all three in sync and understanding what to do to 100% was sometimes confusing because they don’t own each other’s responsibilities. If you have questions, dig ’til you get an answer.


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