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Nose cleared (Surgery + 8 days)

For all those who’ve been able to breathe through your nose easily – wow!

At 8 days post op I had yet to really start breathing through my nose as we were in the clotting phase.

Today, Dr. Hartman used his scopes and suctions to open up my airway from all the blood clots that had formed as part of the healing.

Me and Dr Hartman happy with a clear nose

It’s a little uncomfortable and he knows it as he tries to grab out all the big clots with as little disruption as possible. They come out in varying sizes and man, oh man, are some of them huuuuge! Like, wow, how did all that fit back where??

In any case, when he finished, I was almost hyperventilating through my nose because it’s such a crazy difference. And he says it’s only about 30% of the airway. It will get better over the next month as I do regular nasal + sinus rinses and let everything heal more and more. Amazing.

I immediately bought a nasal rinse bottle after clearing it with Dr. Movahed and started blowing water through twice a day.

Unfortunately at this point I continue mouth breathing by default because I can’t get my lips together with the arch splint in place. However, I decided overnight to tape over the gap in my lips to help pull them together and force nose breathing. It really depends on your stage of healing, but for me it worked and I slept so deeply for the first time ever and WITHOUT waking up with a dry mouth from mouth breathing. It was glorious.

The other sleep phenomena I have is waking up after 5-6 hrs and not being able to fall back asleep. Why? Because I’m too refreshed. I had the same experience on CPAP going from no sleep to OK sleep and it made me wake up early. However, this was like another level. Definitely happy with my sleep quality without CPAP.

I did break a rubberband today. I got greedy as my swallow abilities are increasing and tried to shortcut the feeding process by pumping liquid through the front. This caused enough stress to pop a band. Whoops. Moral of the story: feed as directed. And don’t abuse the bands. They will indeed break.

I’ve also been trying to resolve the rash I got as a side effect of the Amox/Clav I got which started in the hospital. It’s fading now, but it was on my belly and fighting with the squeeze band they had me wear to keep the swelling and hematoma risk down from the fat graft. The rash was so bad I decided to focus on that. Will touch base with more follow ups tomorrow with Dr. Movahed on what to do next. But at least it seems to have turned a corner last night.

I also went back to say thanks to the nurses at Mercy St. Louis and drop candy at the ICU and TCU. One nurse noted not too many people ever come back to say ‘hi’ and she was happy to see how she helped and how I was recovering. I strongly suggest before you go for surgery, get some gifts prepared. These guys have a tough job taking care of you. With shift changes and days off, etc., finding them later is harder after you leave the hospital.


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