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Continued progress. Can’t wait to get my splint out! (Surgery + 11 days)

Ok, I figured out the rash — I’m allergic to steroids! Aka hydrocortisone. A switch to benadryl and I’m all good. Things are going down.

Sleep is awesome and deep. In my specific case because my nose is sooo clear I’ve decided to go ahead and tape my mouth partially to reduce the air going in and out of my mouth. That helps me not wake up with dry mouth since I can’t close it due to the splint

Pain continues to be near nonexistent. I get these tingly episodes around the bottom of my chin and surrounding what must be the muscles running up the side of the jaw that were stretched. It’s not painful per se but rather a tingly episode, like electricity spreading around my face. The stitches are all healing well, continuing to use Neosporin on them and will start interspersing with Mederma scar cream. Drinking liquid is now easy, even if it’s still through the syringe. Initially, I was pumping only a few mL at a time but now it’s going much better. I can pump out easily 5-7 mL per gulp.

Swelling has gone down significantly, but I still have some, especially where the joints were attached to my jaw.

I only watched her eat bbq. People tend to stare when you syringe liquid in a restaurant but meh

My next appointment is on Monday to remove the splint in my mouth. Can’t wait! Soft food (not liquid) please!!


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