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Splint is out ! Going home (Surgery + 14 days)

Going home! The splint was taken out yesterday at Dr. Movahed’s office. So exciting! I am now able to start eating soft foods, which are way better than the prior two weeks of liquids only.

Dr. Movahed and me at my last post-op appointment

Lots of things to ‘Return to Normal’ coming in the next few weeks:

  • One more week of wearing stomach tension belt to reduce risk of hematoma
  • 2 weeks until I can blow my nose
  • 1 more week of Neosporin on my ear incisions
  • 2 more weeks of really taking it super easy before getting slightly more active
  • 4 more weeks (I think) to start solid food diet

And longer out:

  • 3 months before I can submerge and swim
  • 3.5 more months to remove my brackets holding my gums together top and bottom.

Sure I sound crazy right now but at least we’re making progress here.

Eating soft foods is interesting…. stuff spills out because I’m not used to keeping the food in my expanded but bracket-filled mouth. I also have to remove a rubberband in front and put it back after. I have to use a dollar store mirror to see where my mouth is because I’m slightly numb. This is complicated. I spill a lot and I slurp a lot! It’s pretty anti-company. But look! Food…REAL food!

Wild mushroom polenta at Louie’s in Clayton — So good!
Awesome ice cream at Clementine’s Creamery in Clayton

Other food I ate locally:

  • Grits and eggs at Southwest Cafe
  • Smoothies at Seedz in Clayton
  • Ma Po Tofu and rice At Tai Ke on Olive in University City
  • Mango slush from Cube Tea Studio on Olive in University City

Real food is a huge difference vs just soup. I feel stronger and more full than ever.

More excitingly, I’m going home now and can’t wait to get back and see my kids!

At this point, Dr. Movahed is still available by cell if I need, but Dr. Hockel will take over care for the teeth starting surgery + 6 weeks. In the meantime, I need to change bands. Or rather, my wife will change some bands every three-four days. It’s not easy. The bands are pretty far back but Dr. Movahed’s office has provided the tools to do it.

The next thing to sort out is when to return to work. I’m still trying to figure that out. I have to relearn to talk with a new jaw and mouth, and strict rest orders from doctor means I probably should not rush on returning to work. I need to generally heal a bit more and get my body used to eating more. I also need to get enough strength to make it through at least a 75% day. I need to get my body used to not drooling constantly. The removal of the splint is a good step but I’m still generally very slobbery. Not good. I’m thinking a few more weeks but we’ll see how my body is doing.


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