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Resolving the symptoms (Surgery + 21 days)

My energy has been coming back more and more each day. Sleep is good each day. And, eating with restricted space and a few rubber bands is getting better and easier.

I still have ear pressure right now. It can be pretty annoying, but disappears when I lie down. So, I end up lying down to clear it then standing up again. Not allowed to blow my nose for another week so I can’t clear it that way. According to Dr. Movahed though, it’s not completely unusual to have ear pressure still for a while, it just takes time to resolve apparently.

My thrush is still taking time to improve. Switched to an oral drug. My itchiness is subsiding over time, Zyrtec has made the biggest difference.

In short, all indicators going in the right direction.

More importantly I got my side by side images! Here they are:

Crazy right??


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