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Ears (Surgery + 27 days)

Finally my ear pressure popped and I can hear well out of both ears!

I went to my myofunctional appointment and got exercises for waking up my nerves, especially where I still lack feeling in my bottom lip to chin. I have a surprising amount of control and capability post-surgery according to the therapist.

One of the jaw anchor screws in my top gums was cutting into my upper lip. With permission from the Dr. Hockel, I removed it myself with a screw driver and now it’s much better.

Yes, that was screwed into my gums/jaw.

Thrush has finally started to turn a corner too. I cut out all my sugar. I bought two types of probiotics: a digestible pill and a yogurt-like drink. I started eating my food, then swishing a mouthful of the yogurt to spread all that good bacteria in my mouth. Five days left of Flucanazole oral treatment. Here’s to hoping for a complete recovery. Though it is definitely already getting better.

Work restarts next week. Getting ready ….


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