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Back to work, acupuncture, and first post-op ortho appt (Surgery + 5 weeks)

Acupuncture has been great for stimulating my stretched chin nerves! My chin, in sort of a goatee-like area, had zero feeling three weeks ago. After two acupuncture sessions and stimulation exercises from the myofunctional therapist, I’m up to 20% on the center of the area, and the numb area itself has overall gotten significantly smaller.

Thrush treatment switched to Clotrimazole and that seems to finally be working! The reduction is noticeable. I also noticed eating Indian food, spicy and with turmeric, helped get the big thrush plaques off my tongue.

Digestion in general has noticeably improved. It used to be that eating spicy food gave me indigestion very quickly. However, I can now eat spicy food and feel fine after! No reflux or stomach indigestion. This may be related to less constant work on my diaphragm allocated to breathing during the day.

I had my first orthodontic appointment post-op with Dr. Hockel. Progress and top/bottom jaw alignment was good enough where he removed the rest of the anchor screws in my gums. I also went from having six rubber bands in my mouth down to two. I now use two tighter ones at night and two looser ones in day. It is way better! Next six weeks, I will still be on soft food. I’m eager to move to fully solid food, but soft food is still way better than broth. The guidance is: anything you can break apart with a spoon.

Work started a few days ago and it’s been fine. My energy is up and I’m all good to go.


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