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Life goes on (Surgery + 8 weeks and 1 day)

It’s been more than 8 weeks since surgery, and it now seems like a really distant memory. However, in the last few weeks, I ended up getting a virus from my kids who got sick. My initial fever was high enough that I ended up going to the emergency room to make sure it wasn’t related to a bacterial infection from the surgery. Thankfully it wasn’t, and they confirmed it was likely a viral infection. However, it resulted in a 9 day low grade fever + a lingering cough that’s taking a long time to resolve.

A strong recommendation: After surgery, make sure you sleep early every day! Your immune system needs to rebuild. Also, I recommend taking extra precautious to avoid getting sick around your kids. Masks from Amazon are cheap and so is hand washing. In hindsight, I should’ve been more careful to avoid getting germs from my kids. Usually, I don’t catch what they get and I just consider those bugs a kid-only thing, but this episode was not fun. I feel I definitely got it because my immune system was already compromised.

In general, my swelling is now almost completely gone appearance-wise. I’m looking forward to my next ortho appointment (11 weeks+2 days) which will finally take out the splint brackets behind my teeth. This is super exciting; I can’t wait to get those intrusive things out. However, my mouth has mostly gotten used to talking with them in. The disruption to my speech is less and less. I continue to use rubber bands, but limiting it to two looser bands in the daytime makes it not so bad.

I’ve started to chew on things with a little bit more and more texture. I could push it harder but I was directed to stick to soft food until my next appointment so I’m not pushing it too hard. However, I have eaten things such as sauced and fried chicken, or cheese quesadilla which are relatively soft, but require a bit of chew on the outside. I don’t feel any big rush of pain or sensitivity when I do chew on these things. This is definitely in contrast to right after surgery where any accidental bite into something hard like a spoon caused a pain that felt like my teeth were going to fall out.

I still have thrush on my tongue. I think it reverted somewhat when I got the virus, but it does seem to be on the decline as I get better. They did a culture, which will reveal the results in a few weeks. That should hopefully identify it exactly and will help with treating it further. Meanwhile, the current Chlotrimazole treatment is working, slowly. I think its likely a resistant strain of Candida, but it’s not spreading much and so it’s not a huge cause of concern.

Will update as I get my mouth things out!


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