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Shelter-In-Place and Progress (Surgery + 41w1d)

Well its been a long time since I’ve written an update. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, but there hasn’t been much to update for a while

I was happily doing acupuncture every week until the CoVID-19 situation started to rise up, and I stopped it. The nerves in my chin continue to make improvement month over month, but I’m at the last 5-10% and its hard for me to know clearly if its improving or if its stagnant. I still believe I’ll get to 100% over time based on subtle changes here and there that happen week by week. Even if I was stuck, I don’t consider the current level of fuzziness in the chin nerves to be significant enough to cause a concern or reconsider my surgery.

Today specifically was a great day. I had a loose ring bracket on one of my molars. This caused me to schedule an emergency orthodontic visit and get adjusted. They confirmed my expansion has completed on my palette. The result is, I only have to wear the expander temporarily at night, and they removed the ring brackets around my molars. I haven’t had “free molars” in such a long time, and it feels great! Hurrah! They took an impression to get a top and bottom retainer as the last stage. When its ready (2-5w), I will get my braces removed COMPLETELY and then go to retainers for 6 months. First three months with full wear except meals. Last 3 months at night time only. Retainers will be a step forward though and I’m definitely tired of having braces that constantly stick food in!

I did have some regression on nasal breathing for a spell. It turned out, I saw an ENT, and during the dry air of the winter, I had a sinus infection. I cleared that out with antibiotics and then moved on to allergy season. I’m sniffing the Azelastine twice a day and its keeping those back. Moral of the story: If you feel regression in your nasal cavity, check those things first before you think its a relapse in your surgical work.

As always since my surgery, I’ve been sleeping super well and doing great. Sleep is high quality and I wake very rested and ready to charge.

I’ve been swimming now that our pool is open for the summer due to the heat. It is amazing how well I can breathe; I’m no longer gasping every time I come up for a breath, so I can in fact swim much better than I ever was able to before the surgery. Awesome.


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  1. Thank you so much for this blog. It’s so helpful.

    Would you mind posting what your mm movements were for the maxilla and mandible? Also, did you get a BSSO on the mandible, or did it move forward with just the addition of new jaw joints?
    Finally, how was your experience with Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP)? I assume you saw a morph of what you would look like post-surgery.


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