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Feeling Normal… aka this blog is going to get boring (Surgery + 4 mo 2w)

My thrush has been completely gone as of about 2 weeks ago. It turns out the Chlotrimazole they had prescribed had definitely killed it off, but my tongue was still a bit wide from the medication itself and the irritating effect it has on skin. So, after stopping the medication the thrush has not come back. Hurrah.

I feel mostly normal in terms of symptoms. With continued weekly accupuncture, my numbness is down to <5% and sometimes feels like there is absolutely no numbness. I highly recommend accupuncture with a good practitioner.

Visually, I don’t have any more swelling in my face. Also, my scars have faded to the point where its hard to see the scars on my neck or ears. The scar on my stomach from the fat graft is significantly lighter and I got a black Friday day on Mederma so I’ll keep trekking on that.

Sleeping is good! airway is good! as long as I use a humidifier to improve moisture in the air in the dry heater-driven house then everything seems to be great.

I’m continuing myofunctional therapy with long term thoughts of doing tongue tie correction or other.

Also, I may do a sleep study in the next few months to get an updated status, but I do feel great in general.


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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for blogging about your experience in detail. It has really helped me and my family envision what this process will look like for me. I love your positive attitude and how you took everything in stride; thanks for being a great role model!


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