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Welcome to my MMA surgery blog

Metal in my head after surgery


Hi. This blog is to document my experience of MMA surgery, why I did it, the research I did, and ultimately the experience of going through it. A few things that I’ve learned through this process which I find different from other MMA surgery blogs :

  • You really should do about a year of prep before going into this. If I did not do myofunctional therapy and orthodontics, I can’t imagine getting a good outcome.
  • Dr. Reza Movahed in St. Louis is an outstanding surgeon for this surgery. Get a consult with him if you are seriously considering this surgery.
  • Very few dental professionals are airway focused. There’s definitely a network of them out there. But as I am in the SF Bay Area, Dr. Brian Hockel is the best.
  • Doing a travel surgery to St. Louis was not as bad as it was in my head.

My surgery included:

  • MMA itself (maxillomandibular advancement)
  • Double jaw joint replacement
  • Deviated septum correction
  • Stitching to open the nasal passages
  • Turbinate reduction

In great thanks, this my list of medical professionals and their teams which made this happen:

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